Project Summary

  • Our client is a high performing secondary school in south west England that converted to an Academy.
  • The Academy were facing increasing utilities costs but lacked the necessary procurement experience and expertise.
  • We were brought in develop future procurement strategy, review current contracts due for renewal and implement a new procurement strategy.
  • Savings of 26% were made on a single gas supply contract and significant savings identified on their telecoms spend and future janitorial and business supplies contracts.


Our client is a high performing co-educational secondary school with 1,500 pupils situated in south west England. In March 2012 it converted to an Academy and moved to purpose built premises and also achieved an Ofsted accreditation as an “Outstanding School”.

Following a change in the senior management of the school the running costs were beginning to become unmanageable and impacting on the operation of the academy.


The school were facing increasing energy, telecoms and supply costs due to its transition from the Local Authority and its central procurement activity.  The academy did not have the necessary experience, knowledge or expertise to deal with multiple suppliers or contracts and relied in the LA for its supply.

Following a change in the financial management of the academy we were brought in to advice on future procurement strategy and review the contracts due for renewal.  We were asked to implement a process and a plan for all existing and potentially new contracts due to be renewed.


From client’s energy billing, we were able to clarify their gas and electricity arrangements that were being offered by the Local Authority. We were also able to identify future issues regarding janitorial and office supplies as well as telecoms.


A saving of 26% was made on a single gas supply cost which equated to £43,000 over the course of the two year contract. Following the review we also identified energy saving initiatives that are delivering further savings through reduced consumption.

We have also identified significant savings on their telecoms spend of around £14,000 over a three year contract which we are in the process of implementing on behalf of the customer.

We have already tabled further savings in excess of £29,000 through janitorial and business supplies that will be implemented when the contracts are renewed.  We are now reviewing insurance and travel costs.

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