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We can share the risk with you.

Our intelligent, modern approach to procurement saves you time and money


We take the burden of gathering procurement information and data from you and use it to define where we can help you best. Whether the challenge is financial, operational or reputational we organise a procurement plan which focuses on what matters most and allow you to get on with running your business and delivering your goals and targets.

With a mantra of ‘results not reports’ we work alongside your teams to deliver real world improvements and we make sure we stay around to see the improvements happen, instead of promising benefits that are never implemented and realised.


We aim to ensure that our clients can access the best and most transparent solution that is right for you. We also takes real steps to engage with the market and offer modern procurement processes and practices that continue to deliver right throughout the life of a contract.

We have many years experience in procurement & supply chain and are able to deliver projects from scoping right through to implementation and on-going operations.


We work with you and your teams to understand all of the money you spend. Often there are several channels of spend that need to be captured and categorised to see which provide the best opportunities.


We work with our clients and the market to deliver the most up-to-date solutions available. We works tirelessly to make sure we deliver what was agreed between us.

PES Business delivers exceptional Return on Investment and improved services and outcomes
PES Business provides comprehensive, tried and tested processes and documentation
PES Business processes and documentation help make procurement much simpler for our Clients and more consistent for the Suppliers
PES Business’ methods have been developed over many years and address the anxiety sometimes felt by our Clients that have a lack of specialist procurement skills
In addition to the collective approach to the supply chain, Clients also benefit from a level of transparency in both performance and cost enabling them to get best value for money

Our expertise can be particularly helpful for businesses involved in;

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We helped a national buying and distribution company, situated in the Midlands save £1.5m in the first year of our involvement by helping implement a co-ordinated procurement strategy.

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