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We can share the risk with you.

When a business, whether existing or new, faces the challenge of starting new in a new location there are a plethora of things to be taken into consideration.

Apart from the business disruption there are also opportunities to review and re-negotiate contracts that can drive a healthier bottom line.

We can assist any new business identify and implement suppliers that can ensure that the main focus of the business will be on the top line driving income rather than sorting out suppliers, albeit necessary, and take away the focus of the business from more important decisions.

With our access to unrivalled pricing and supplier deals, we provide a service to new businesses and relocations that will enable a smooth start to any business.

We can assist with mobilising new supplies and even ensuring that the area that you move into can be supplied with all the necessary infrastructure needed to ensure a smooth transition in a bright new beginning.

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We helped a national buying and distribution company, situated in the Midlands save £1.5m in the first year of our involvement by helping implement a co-ordinated procurement strategy.

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While hiring a cost consultant has many benefits to your company, they are not to be confused with a cost broker. Although they have some similarities and work in the same sector, they are not the same thing.