Innovative Cost Management

We can share the risk with you.

Our Process

IDENTIFY your priority areas of spend

We work with you to identify areas of your business spend that are operationally challenging, of the highest value,  or are in areas of most risk to your organisation.

We establish with you clear priorities and requirements from our work, to ensure that we focus on the most important aspects of your business.

QUALIFY your existing supply base

We then take this knowledge and our own market intelligence to benchmark your existing supply base  and identify any supply gaps or areas of potential improvement.

We put all our suppliers through rigorous evaluation processes. This ensures that if appointed they will not only provide financial benefits but also  enhance your reputation and customer satisfaction levels.

IMPLEMENT a custom solution

Once you have signed off our recommendations, we work with the market and your teams to implement a solution that delivers your priorities financially, operationally and reputationally.

 REALISE the benefits for you

Once the solution is implemented we continue to check with the appointed suppliers and your teams to ensure what was promised is actually being delivered.

Our expertise can be particularly helpful for businesses involved in;

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Our Clients

We helped a national buying and distribution company, situated in the Midlands save £1.5m in the first year of our involvement by helping implement a co-ordinated procurement strategy.

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While hiring a cost consultant has many benefits to your company, they are not to be confused with a cost broker. Although they have some similarities and work in the same sector, they are not the same thing.