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We are procurement improvement specialists with senior management experience.

We provide a full range of procurement improvement solutions

World-class companies use procurement as a source of competitive advantage, but many organisations still under-manage this resource because they lack a predefined, systematic plan for buying better and spending better, and making the savings stick.

By taking a more comprehensive approach to what they buy and how they buy it, companies can reduce cost (both direct and indirect) and enhance cash flow. Full-potential savings programs can average 8% to 12% of total procurement costs and as much as 30% for some categories. Typically, these are sustainable cost savings that can be followed by a further 2% to 3% cost reduction annually.

Furthermore, strategic procurement efforts often result in shorter cycle times and supplier-led product innovations. Re-aligning these savings to operational efficiencies can multiply a company’s profits substantially.

PES Business

PES Business is a consultancy solutions business that aims to create real benefits to its clients’ profitability by supporting them to identify hidden profits and then helping to actually delivering them.

Based at the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP) in Sheffield, PES Business delivers procurement services through long-term partners Praxis Procurement Ltd. Our consultants have worked on hundreds of engagements across all major industries, in both the public and private sector helping clients create world-class procurement organisations that can reduce their cost base, strengthen their supplier base and make the results stick.

Can Procurement Improvement be undertaken in-house?

The answer of course is yes! All senior directors and managers prime objective is to drive and deliver the best operational performance they can. However, they are often tied by the demands of the “day job” and the limited knowledge of the industry or sector they work in. Quite often the resources available and used in other sectors can be used – but only if they are known.

By using external expertise not only can other systems and practices be introduced but more importantly benchmarking and access to other resources are leveraged.

Outsourcing your procurement management to PES Business can reveal real savings in time and money, reduce waste and free up in-house resources to continue to focus on the real objectives.

Our Quality Philosophy

By nature we understand how business works and the people that work and run it. By really understanding the needs of the business and its real DNA we deliver tried and tested methodologies that are tailored to a client’s needs.

Due to the business arena we work in we deliver auditable and transparent solutions. We want to be able to deliver a solution that only needs managing not re-inventing and which unlocks and delivers measurable, bankable savings and sustainable business improvement.

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Our Clients

We helped a national buying and distribution company, situated in the Midlands save £1.5m in the first year of our involvement by helping implement a co-ordinated procurement strategy.

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